Well I have been super slack at posting but now I am stuck in an airport waiting for a plane (unsurprisingly) so I have lots of time and a little bit of temptation. After all what do you do when you are waiting for a plane? 

There are really limited options for entertainment at an airport especially when you would really rather be in bed.

  •  I have observed my fellow passengers, especially one who was walking around in circles, not in a lost way but in a bit of a mad way. 
  • I have purchased coconut water because it seemed like a good idea.
  • I have walked around checking out the airport- most of which seems to be boarded up but something exciting is coming soon!
  • I have sorted my bag into stuff I really might need on the plane as opposed to the stuff I don’t trust to the baggage handlers.
  • And I have checked out the shops selling that weird stuff you can only get in airports, mini toiletries, adapters, ear plugs, a variety of pillows, bold, puzzle books, magazines, sweets, mini phone chargers, the list goes.

Normally I would be tempted by at least one over priced piece of airport tat but not this year, this year I am above all that so the coconut water and a certain smugness will have to keep me entertained


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