Frugal Fun

I have just spent a week in West Wales. I didn’t buy any stuff (although I did buy som gin). I did lots on non stuff buying activities including doing a days volunteering at the Teifi Valley railway, we visited it and one of the volunteers was saying it was hard getting people to cut the grass. I have had a fair bit of grass cutting experience so I offered them a days labour. As a result I spent a day mowing grass and cleaning up and as a treat got to be a guard on the train. So much more fun than buying something.


What to do in Changi Airport without buying stuff

  1. Have a go in the free foot massage chair
  2. Catch the driverless skytrain, stand up the front and pretend to be the driver 
  3. Go to the cactus garden and check out the succulents, watch the lightning and feel the warm rain
  4. Visit the butterfly garden and watch the butterflies emerge
  5. Charge all your devices at the free charging stations 
  6. Catch a koi carp (perhaps better just to look, you can get fined for not flushing the dunny here)
  7. Use the free (if a little slow) wifi
  8. Have another go on the foot massager 

Times up best get back on the plane….


Well I have been super slack at posting but now I am stuck in an airport waiting for a plane (unsurprisingly) so I have lots of time and a little bit of temptation. After all what do you do when you are waiting for a plane? 

There are really limited options for entertainment at an airport especially when you would really rather be in bed.

  •  I have observed my fellow passengers, especially one who was walking around in circles, not in a lost way but in a bit of a mad way. 
  • I have purchased coconut water because it seemed like a good idea.
  • I have walked around checking out the airport- most of which seems to be boarded up but something exciting is coming soon!
  • I have sorted my bag into stuff I really might need on the plane as opposed to the stuff I don’t trust to the baggage handlers.
  • And I have checked out the shops selling that weird stuff you can only get in airports, mini toiletries, adapters, ear plugs, a variety of pillows, bold, puzzle books, magazines, sweets, mini phone chargers, the list goes.

Normally I would be tempted by at least one over priced piece of airport tat but not this year, this year I am above all that so the coconut water and a certain smugness will have to keep me entertained