Easy ways to reduce buying stuff

Les at 4 Pillars

This week I found an excellent way to reduce the temptation to buy stuff. I lost my wallet. Again. Anyone who knows me will understand that this is something I do reasonably regularly, but it always comes back, kind people find it and return it…….until this week. I know where I last had it – I know exactly where I last had it but somewhere between leaving that place and arriving home it went AWOL. I was so convinced it would come back to me I didn’t even bother cancelling the cards (admittedly this was, in part, due to the fact I was going gin tasting that evening, and after a couple of glasses stopped caring).

The next day I had to admit it was definitely lost and  cancelled all the bank cards.  I  thought once that was done the wallet may turn up just to annoy me, but it has now been five days now and no sign of the wallet.   So I guess I now have to work out what other little gems were in there and get them replaced, how tedious. Still on the bright side it has slowed down my spending a little bit – not too much though as it turns out you can still spend money without cards. All you need is a passport and a bank account and you can soon get cashed up again.

I did really want to buy something this week. My favourite headphones stopped working after a bit of a kerfuffle between two dogs, a dog lead and a headphone cord. One side of the headphones was not working so being the fixing person I am I decided I needed to take them to pieces and work out what was wrong. I did this and could not obviously see a problem but felt it was most likely at the jack end. It looked like they might need soldering up and I don’t have a soldering iron so I decided I should chop the jack end off and splice on a new one. How hard could that be? Actually it was not hard at all, however it totally didn’t work when I had finished ‘fixing’ the headphones they didn’t work from either ear. So that is the end of them, it turns out it is harder to fix some stuff that you might think. I guess this is meant to be a learning experience.  Luckily in my buying days I did buy lots of headphones so I am now using another set – they are pretty rubbish but will have to do.  As for the wallet – well I can’t buy one of those either so I am back to my really old, falling to pieces wallet – but as I have no cards and precious little money it will do.