Stuff Reduction Diary Week 18 – Still going strong and feeling inspired


The tools of my trade – only needed the screwdriver to prise off the old head

I am four and a bit months into this challenge and can proudly say I am still going strong. I am actually really enjoying the whole thing and at the moment I think I may keep going after the end of the year. In fact I may have to keep going forever because I am realising just what an act of defiance not buying stuff really is. When the world feels just too crazy and you are sick of signing petitions about stupid pointless coalmines and saving the barrier reef here is something tangible you can do. Not buying stuff is really a very subversive act.

Two things happened this week that really got me thinking (and it takes a bit to do that), firstly I went to a little sustainability conference. It was designed for teachers and I went along to talk to some of the presenters for a project I am working on. The keynote was Rob Gell, best know as a weatherman but also a very enthusiastic sustainability advocate. He gave a great and inspiring presentation on climate change (or as he calls it global warming because that is what it is). It was another reminder of just what a perilous position we are in and how quickly we need to act.

Then I was procrastinating and looking through Facebook and young Matt had put up a short article about pathological consumption it is just a short article but it talks about the crazy consumption circle we have got ourselves into. The most astonishing fact was that of all the stuff we buy today only 1% will still be around in 6 months – yep 1% – that is not a typo. Because I was procrastinating I followed the link and got the story of stuff

If you follow the link you will come to a short movie that explains it all, how we have been manipulated into buying stuff and the impact it is having on us individually and as a community, nation and world – worth a look I say.

As for fixing stuff – I mended the vacuum cleaner last week – it blew up, sparks and everything. I was all ready to take it to the menders when I thought I would check out youtube first – it turns out it is ridiculously easy to fix – so I fixed it!


4 thoughts on “Stuff Reduction Diary Week 18 – Still going strong and feeling inspired

  1. Stuff on a large scale: friends of mine wanted to renovate their house. They tried for over a year, nearly two to make it work financially. But no – its cheaper to demolish, rent for a year and rebuild!! By a significant amount! THAT is the scale of the inefficiencies in our system.


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