Fixing Stuff Part Three


Computers image

It looked a lot like this but I was too polite to take a picture so this is off the interweb


Where were we? Oh yes I had broken my tablet, tried to fix it and made it a bit more broke and bought a new tablet.

The new tablet was not like the old one (for a start it wasn’t broken), but I just didn’t like it. There was nothing wrong with it but I couldn’t get used to it, I had grown accustomed to my old one and the new one just didn’t cut it. Belatedly I decided I should get the old one fixed. Of course, four months into my not buying stuff I realise now that this is what I should have done in the beginning but I was so much younger and less experienced then…..

I set about finding someone to fix my old tablet – this should be easy enough. First I took it to a friend and asked if he could fix it, after having a look he returned it saying it was not worth the effort. He may be my computer expert friend but why should I listen to him! I took it to the computer shop across the road. This shop sits in a little row of rather random shops, there is:

  • an old milk bar which sells milk, papers, socks and clothing alterations
  • a baker that makes biscuits and pies and could be out of the 1950’s
  • a children’s shoe shop with about five shoes in it (probably a front for organised crime)
  • a psychologist
  • a bottle shop (off licence)
  • a boarded up shop (there always has to be at least one of these in a row of shops)
  • a hairdresser’s that sells pretty good coffee (but never has anyone in there getting a haircut)
  • a little computer fixing shop.

So after ensuring I went to the correct shop, I took it in, full of hope, and asked them to fix it. A couple of days later I got a call to say it wasn’t worth the effort.

About 15 years ago I cycled across France, it rained for 17 days straight, it was a miserable ride but the worse it got the more determined I became to finish it, this quest was nowhere near as miserable but I was determined to finish it. I went back to Google and tried to find another computer repairer. On Gumtree I found a strange and confusing advert for a computer repairperson in North Fitzroy, this was weird enough that it might just work. I rang him and he told me to drop it down.

So I found myself in the back streets of North Fitzroy, in a strange 1960’s or 1970’s housing commission estate, at the back of a house ringing to say I was here. The repairman appeared to let me in and invited me into his house, I began to wonder if this was a good move and considered if I should have thought this through a little more or at least told someone where I was going. Entering what must have been designed as a living room I was surrounded by piles of computers, of every description in various states of dismantlement. And when I say surrounded I am not exaggerating, I have never seen so much computer stuff). The repairman was very nice and I explained my problem to him and how nobody wanted to fix my little toy. After a quick look he did not say ‘its not worth fixing’ but told me he should be able to fix it but it would take a while, I was very happy with that and wandered out of the estate and past the big scary dog feeling quite pleased with myself.

As I left the estate and wandered through the leafy streets of North Fitzroy it occurred to me that the tablet contained all my banking information, my emails and a host of other personal data (what was that thing about thinking it through?). Oh well he seemed like a nice man….

Stay tuned for the (possibly) final instalment, and if any weird stuff appears on this blog it is probably someone who has stolen my identity.


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