Week Twelve – A logistical Challenge


Stuff Diary Week 13

I confess I bought some stuff, well a stuff. But I have an excuse, or even a reason. I am about to go on a walk for a few days, (you can read about it at www.wayfaring140.wordpress.com). Water will not be freely available and what is available will not be treated, so I had to come up with a solution. In the past I have relied on purification tablets, which make your water taste like a swimming pool. Then, a bloke I met while walking last year suggested I get a Lifestraw. This is a clever little piece of kit that filters your water as you drink. What is more Lifestraw commit to providing water to a child in a developing country for one year for each Lifestraw sold. I did think about it and workshop the idea with a few friends one of whom, Matt, has appointed himself as my ‘Consumption Probity Officer’ he confirmed that this purchase could be considered both a safety item and charitable donation and as such he could ‘inform you this ‘donation’ meets our non-procurement of new stuff guidelines’. Given Matts’s love of outdoor gear is even greater than mine I am not he is the best person for the job, but we will have a lot of fun discussion Stuff.

So now I have bought a book and a Lifestraw, however I will be using both the week after next, I didn’t buy them just in case, or because they were cheep, or because they might come in handy. I haven’t bought anything that I don’t have an immediate use for, and that is good except…

Gin. I have been stocking up on Gin, now like Gin and I particularly like all the fancy types you can now buy (at great expense).   But I don’t actually drink that much and I think I am at risk of becoming a collector. I reckon I am buying Gin to sate my buying stuff desires and so it is going to have to stop. I have put a temporary embargo on buying any Gin until I drink all that I already have, at my current rate of consumption verses stock available this will take me pretty much up until Christmas.


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