Fixing stuff – part two


The new tablet and dog (she doesn’t need fixing she is perfect)

Just to recap – I broke my tablet while trying to fix it last year – check out Fixing it part one for the whole sorry tale)

I was totally lost without my tablet because I use it….. well, occasionally in truth but I was used to having it around and it had a new SIM in it so I had to come up with a plan. The obvious thing was to buy a new one, and never being a very subtle person that is exactly what I did. I got on Amazon and checked out suitable replacements, the exact version no longer exists so I looked for alternatives. As usual when it comes to buying stuff I carefully considered all the options over the period of about 10 minutes and made my choice pretty much at random

Having ordered the new tablet, a case and a screen protector I sat back to wait for it to drop through the door (well actually I did a bit of gardening at Dad’s, went for a walk, went to the pub, read a book, general holiday activities). Just a couple of days later, while out, I got a message to say my tablet had been delivered. Excitedly I went back to Dad’s to get it, but it was not there.   A level of panic hit me (after all this was not a cheap bit of kit) and I went around looking for it. None of Dad’s neighbours had seen it but were all most concerned, a white van had been spotted – not the usual postie, perhaps this had delivered it? However if it had where was it now? There was quite a stir in The Close.

My next option was to phone the delivery people, never a good option and while they were most concerned and very lovely they could do nothing, it was recorded as delivered.

I was perturbed. My brother pointed out that this being Cornwall it would arrive d’rectly and it was best not to fuss (he can be quite annoying – I was doing a good job at fussing and saw no reason to stop).

I got on with quietly fretting and doing a bit of pottering as well (yes I can multitask). Then I saw some activity in the Close, the door bell rang, Dad went to answer it and came back with my tablet. I was now less perturbed but a little confused and a lot relieved.

It took a bit of sleuthing but the story seems to be…. because we weren’t home when it arrived the neighbour next door had signed for it and noted it was for Helen. When Helen (from across the road) arrived home the neighbour handed it over and then went off to do something. Helen from across the road hadn’t really looked at it but had put it aside to open later. Meanwhile I went next door to ask I had asked the wrong half of the couple who knew nothing of the previously delivered parcel. Finally Helen from across the road went to open it, realised it wasn’t for her, remembered that Dad had his daughter staying, and delivered it to Dad. Confused? Well it is Cornwall.

And how does this get my original tablet fixed? Find out in the next gripping instalment.



4 thoughts on “Fixing stuff – part two

  1. Fussing – did you mean you were trying to fuse it? Fusing?

    Sue Phillips
    Coordinator Water and Waste Strategy | Environment and Community Outcomes
    T 8470 8460 M 0419 750 469
    Days of work are M,T, Th, F


    • No I was definitely fussing according to the google definition:
      1. show unnecessary or excessive concern about something.
      “she’s always fussing about her tablet’busy oneself restlessly.
      2. busy oneself restlessly.
      “beside him Sue was fussing with sheets of paper”
      3.disturb or bother (someone).
      “when she whines when you leave, try not to fuss her
      Apparently I could have used fret or bother, both of which are nice words I will have to remember them for another time


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